Contracting with Lewis to provide vegetation management services on an ongoing or project-by-project basis is a smart and proven way for budget-conscious governments to ensure effective, on-time performance and maximum value for their constituents.

First, it’s smart from safety and services perspectives. Residents and workers are safeguarded, as are utility and other overhead lines. You can also better control growth with regular clearing and pruning.

Services we provide to help municipalities include:

  1. Distribution vegetation management
  2. Transmission vegetation management
  3. Substation maintenance
  4. Herbicide application
  5. Tree growth regulator application
  6. Transmission site construction
  7. Pipeline right-of-way maintenance
  8. Contract personnel consulting

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Lewis Tree in Compliance with Federal Laws Governing Documented Workers

As many of you are aware, there have been some recent industry issues involving undocumented workers. I want to assure you that neither Lewis Tree Service nor any of our affiliates are a party to this very serious violation of federal laws.


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