Intelligent Vegetation Management™

Introducing Intelligent Vegetation Management™ from Lewis Tree Service

More than just a planning tool – A whole new way to manage your vegetation management operations

Vegetation management is a comprehensive collection of activities that is an essential practice for system safety and reliability, and it is often one of the largest operational expenses for utilities of all sizes. And for too long, vegetation management operations have been disconnected from the information flow and technology infrastructure that is the heartbeat of the rest of the utility. Now, Lewis Tree Service is offering utilities an entirely new way to run their vegetation management operations by utilizing state-of-the-art information technology to create a truly intelligent solution that integrates directly into your company’s systems and methodologies.

The heart of the Intelligent Vegetation Management approach is a philosophy of leveraging your investments in GIS, outage management, customer information and ERP systems to connect your vegetation management operations into your technology ecosystem. High-level benefits of this approach include:

  • Enhanced speed and accuracy of estimating and planning processes
  • Improved productivity of in-house and contractor staffs and resources
  • Better budget management and more effective spending over time
  • Real-time status of all work on your system, including storm restoration and ongoing maintenance
  • Accurate and detailed reporting for regulators and in-house decision support

Intelligent Vegetation Management – Features and Benefits

Today, many areas of utility vegetation management operations are being driven by manual processes, paper-based information and the intelligence in the heads of the foresters and contractors that have been working on the system for years. However, today is also a time when technology can easily improve manual processes, eliminate paper and store data and information in systems that can reduce the risk of your “intelligence” walking out of the door when you change contractors or when your employees retire or leave. Plus, once the data is in your possession, software programs can take over and provide you with all kinds of new ways to optimize your system and meet your goals. That’s just a smarter way of running your operations!

Job Cost Estimating

GPS-based tablets with your system’s GIS data on them allow Lewis workers to provide more accurate pricing in less than half the time of traditional, paper-based methods. Save the paper maps for the other contractors – provide us with your GIS data and we’ll give you a price quote in no time!

Work Planning & Prioritization

CLEARION V TMClearion Software’s Work Manager software provides web-based services to plan and manage your entire system with as much detail as you require. Manage your budget and all of the work that you need to perform, including removals, herbicides, capital work and cycle-based trimming, in one place with functionality that enables you to make adjustments on-the-fly – without blowing your budget or missing your targets.

Work Assignment

Connect with your Lewis GF’s and their crews by sending out electronic job tickets. No need for paper maps and special instructions any more – just assign the work to our technology-enabled team and let the system track and manage it from there.

Customer Notification & Permission

Removals, herbicide application and cycle-based trimming are all part of the process of using technology at the crew level to speed and document the notification process. Electronic breadcrumb trails confirm that customers have been contacted, and permission/refusal notes can be collected, stored and transmitted on the spot. 

Work Progress Tracking

Lewis crews can provide end-of-day and even real-time information about where they are in the process – crew composition, percent complete, special circumstances and more. You’ll know where you stand regarding your budget and your targets, and you’ll be able to manage and make better decisions as a result.

Work Inspection & Audit

Foresters use GPS-driven Clearion Mobile tablets to check the work and document results. Approvals are made with the click of a mouse, and re-work is documented and communicated electronically, providing a closed loop for all work assigned to Lewis crews.

Reporting & Compliance

Stored and archived data is easily accessed for standard and ad-hoc reporting, driving better decision-making and supporting inquiries and audits by regulators and other parties.

Invoicing & Payments

Contract terms and cash flows are optimized with electronic invoicing and payments. Paper processes are eliminated and recordkeeping is improved, saving time and money.

Damage Assessment & Inspection

Clearion tablet-based software enables patrollers and inspectors to use GPS-technology, GIS maps and asset-based information to provide fast and accurate information to support your outage management and asset management operations. Communications can be done in real-time or when synchronized with your systems, speeding storm response and improving your ETR estimates.


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