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Clearion Software – The undisputed leader in end-to-end vegetation management software solutions


Clearion Software is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lewis Tree Service, providing cutting-edge solutions for managing multi-year maintenance programs, large-scale damage assessment incidents, and integrated work management activities. Clearion solutions are used in a wide-range of customer settings from small rural electric co-ops to the largest transmission and distribution public utilities for gas, electric and telecommunications applications. For complete information, visit

Clearion Software is at the heart of Lewis Tree Service’s Intelligent Vegetation Management™ strategy of implementing technology across all aspects of a utility’s vegetation management operations. Whether a utility uses Lewis as a contractor or works with other service providers, Clearion Software can provide the know-how and the tools to effectively transform the planning, tracking and reporting for all work done on your system.

Specific Software Features

  • Plans and tracks vegetation management work, including line clearing, trimming and herbicide application
  • Manages corresponding invoice information, including cost per mile for T&M
  • Records and manages short-cycle trims and tree removal
  • Offers integration with AquMix herbicide database
  • Plans and tracks pre-work and post-trim inspection information
  • Records access notes, customer notes, restriction areas and no-work areas

Comprehensive Reporting Capability

The Clearion solution provides a robust and customizable reporting framework for the desktop and the Web. Reports can be configured to plan, track and analyze critical aspects of the vegetation management process. Data can be output to a wide variety of formats, including PDF, Excel, XML, ASCII, SMS, e-mail and others.

  • Miles by Circuit With % Complete (Cleared Span by Feeder)
  • Invoice by Date Range (Cost per Mile)
  • Short-Cycle (“Cycle Buster”) Schedule
  • Cyclical Overhead Line Clearing
  • Danger Tree Summary by Feeder
  • Danger Tree Work Progress (Removals by Status)
  • Weekly Activity by Date Range

Clearion Software Components

The Clearion system operates in both office and mobile environments. The system can be installed in your IT infrastructure or be hosted by Clearion, and features distinct map-based applications that address specific needs including Clearion Work Manager, Clearion Mobile, Clearion Crew and Clearion Damage Assessment. For more information, visit



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